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    Has my ECES password changed?

    ECES, ECES-SHELL, and all of the Windows computers in the ECEE Teaching Labs now use your CU IDENTIKEY username and password for authentication.

    All questions regarding your Identikey or Identikey Passwords should be directed to CU's Office of Information Technology.

    You can visit:


    Call: 303-735-HELP(4357)

    How do I get physical access to a lab?

    Physical access to labs outside of normal hours will be provided by your BuffOne card.

    Access to specific labs is determined by enrollment.

    If you require access to a lab other than those granted based on your current enrollment, you must have an ECEE faculty member email a request to the ECEE Front Desk:

    Access to labs should be granted by Monday, September 3.

    If you do not have physical access to a lab you need AFTER MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 3, you should bring your BuffOne card to the ECEE FRONT DESK in ECEE 1B55.

    The front desk hours are 9am-12pm and 1pm-5pm Monday - Friday.

    My account appears to have been disabled?

    ECEE Undergrad Majors and ECEE Graduate Students are allowed to maintain accounts across semesters. Students from other departments with accounts on ECES, or returning students who graduated or left school prior to this summer, may have had their ECES accounts disabled.

    If you believe your account was disabled incorrectly, or you need to create a new account, you can create a new account using these instructions:

    If you would like to have your previous files restored, send email to

    I don't see the METAVERSE login?

    ECEE's METAVERSE Domain has been replaced by CU's Campus-wide Active Directory:

    You can login to the "ad" with your CU IDENTIKEY username and password.

    Do I still have access to my files on ECES?

    Yes. If you were eligible to maintain your account for this semester, all of your files on ECES are right where you left them.

    You can find them on your "Z:" drive on any ECEE Teaching Lab computer or in your home directory on

    What about the files from my Desktop and My Documents?

    These files still exist in your "Z:" drive or ECES home directory.

    In Windows, you can find them in Z:\Windows Folders\Desktop and Z:\Windows Folders\My Documents.

    On ECES-SHELL, you can find them in ~/Windows\ Folders/Desktop and ~/Windows\ Folders/My\ Documents.

    Is there any easy way to move my old Desktop and old My Documents to somewhere easier to get to?

    You can SSH and run the command:

    Or you can SSH to and choose the menu option: "Move old Desktop to ~/Previous_Desktop and old My Documents to ~/Previous_My_Documents".

    This will move your old Desktop folder to ~/Previous_Desktop and your old My Documents to ~/Previous_My_Documents.

    These can also be found as Z:\Previous_Desktop and Z:\Previous_My_Documents.

    What is the DALab? What about Circuits and Computers as Components?

    To reflect changes in the ECEE Department's curriculum, we've stopped using the names Circuits Lab and Computers and Components Lab.

    The DALab is ECEE's Digital and Analog Lab, and includes all of the computers and instruments in ECEE 281 and 282.

    Something doesn't work or is missing from one of the labs?

    The upgrades made this summer include significant changes to the ECES server, ECES-SHELL server, the ECEE Teaching Lab clients, and the ECEE Teaching Lab network.

    With all of these changes, there are bound to be some issues.

    As always, let us know about problems by emailing:

    I seem to be locked out of my account?

    If you have FIVE failed login attempts in a row on an ECEE Teaching Lab computer, you will be locked out of your account for FIVE MINUTES.

    If you have THREE failed login attempts in a row on ECES or ECES-SHELL, you will also be locked out of your account for FIVE MINUTES.

    For help with the ECES Student Server or questions about these web pages,
    Please see Getting Help
    Or e-mail