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  • Getting Help

    General questions and contact for ECES and ECEE computer labs

    The ECES Student Server is maintained by the ECEE Department's system administrators.

    The best way to contact them is to send e-mail to

    You can also reach them at (303)492-1290 or visit them in ECEE 1B10A.

    Identikey Password Resets or Other Identikey Issues

    All questions regarding your Identikey or Identikey Passwords should be directed to CU's Office of Information Technology.

    You can visit:


    Call: 303-735-HELP(4357)

    Questions regarding specific pieces of software or computer-related lab or class assignments

    Any questions regarding the use or operation of specific software required or utilized in class and lab assignments should be directed to the Professor and/or TA(s) for that course.

    ECEE system administrators do not necessarily know how to utilize the extremely wide variety of software installed in the ECEE Teaching Labs and are neither qualified, empowered, nor responsible for training individuals in the use of this software.

    Remote and home access to ECES and ECEE computer resources

    Using virtual private networking (VPN) software will allow any internet connected computer to access CU computer and network resources as if it were an on-campus computer. Information on connecting to CU-Boulder's VPN can be found here:

    If you are already connected to the internet but have trouble accessing the ECES Student Server, please contact

    For help with the ECES Student Server or questions about these web pages,
    Please see Getting Help
    Or e-mail