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  • ECES SMB Connect

    You can connect to your "Z" drive or "home directory" on ECES from on-campus or off-campus via an SMB connection.

    Off Campus

    To get access from off campus, you must first create a CU VPN connection.

    Directions and downloads are available from CU's Office of Information Technology:

    Once this is completed, you can follow the directions for an on campus connection.

    On Campus


    1. Find "My Computer" on the Desktop or in the Start Menu.
    2. Right-click on "My Computer" and choose "Map Network Drive".
    3. Choose an unused drive letter. It does not have to be "Z".
    4. In the "Folder:" field enter: \\\[username] -- replace [username] with your ECES username.
    5. When prompted, enter your IDENTIKEY username and password to gain access.
    6. Because ECES is now a member of the CU Active Directory, you may need to enter your username in the following form:



    Mac OS X

    1. In the Finder, choose "Go: Connect to Server".
    2. In the "Server Address" field, enter: smb://[username] -- replace [username] with your ECES username.
    3. Choose "Connect".
    4. When prompted, enter your IDENTIKEY username and password to gain access.


    • Interactive access over DSL and Cable internet connections may be slow. In some cases, you may wish to make a local copy of your file to edit and then re-upload to ECES.

    • If you are unable to use the VPN software, you can still access your files from off campus via SSH and SCP:

      SSH and SCP Access

    For help with the ECES Student Server or questions about these web pages,
    Please see Getting Help
    Or e-mail