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The Basics

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  • Getting Started

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  • ECES SAC Account Creation
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  • Dangerously Brief Unix Primer
  • ECES Web Publishing HowTo
  • Setting up Altera Licensing in Your Profile
  • Web Publishing on ECES

    You can publish web pages on ECES by creating a directory called public_html in your home directory.

    Files in this directory will be accessible at this address:{username}

    Any file named index.html will be automatically displayed at the above address.

    Files that you wish to make accessible over the web must be at least group and other readable (chmod 744 {filename}). Directories that you wish to make accessible over the web, including public_html, must be at least group and other readable and executable (chmod 755 {directory name}). In addition, your home directory must be at least group and world executable (chmod 711 ~{username}).

    Remember that the ECE system administrators are not responsible for teaching or helping you setup web pages.
    Also keep in mind that you are responsible for any content that you publish on-line. So, read the policies:

    ECES Policies

    For help with the ECES Student Server or questions about these web pages,
    Please see Getting Help
    Or e-mail