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Over the last year I have become inspired by photography. It is an opportunity to get outdoors and I find that it gives me an opportunity to view the world differently. Light and color are such everyday things that I never really noticed how much they played a part in making beautiful things. I also find that my brain does a fantastic job of filtering out unwanted objects. Framing photographs has become one of my greatest challenges. I have found that I have a complete inability to know what framing I will and what framing I won't like. Perhaps with more time, I will learn to recognize what makes a great picture. In time I may learn to recognize what I like.

Favorite Photographs

This picture of a robin was taken adjacent to the Platte River in Denver, Colorado. I like the line of the branch arching over the bird and the silhouette of the feathers blowing in the wind. The strong shapes are accented by the picture being in black and white.

This is my favorite portrait. This is my wife, Jenny, posed alongside the Platte River. While there is not much bokeh in this picture, the light, combined with the wonderful smile makes it my favorite. I also like the line that the railing adds across the picture.

I spend more time than I should horsing around with my camera when I should be working. Since I'm supposed to be working, I don't leave my apartment. This photograph I took out the window of my apartment. I love the glow of the light around the leaves as well as the smooth background.

I have no idea what kind of bird this is, but I took this picture in the Budgie Buddies aviary at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado Springs. I love the pose, but even more I love the lighting. The shine and texture of the floor also make the picture more interesting.

Once again I cannot identify this bird. I took the picture on a trip out to the Pawnee Buttes in North Eastern Colorado. I like the high contrast in the picture combined with the line made by the barbed wire fence.

On a recent trip to New York, we visited Niagara Falls. The falls are impressive, but the light as the sun was setting was very nice. I really like the depth to this picture. It captures the magnitude of the falls fairly well.

We have one wood duck that lives on the Platte River right near our apartment. Compared to the Mallards it is so colorful and beautiful. While I don't think this picture does justice to the color of the bird, I love how you can see the beaded up water and the iridescence of its head.

I love the colors in vivid sunsets. Fortunately we seem to get many of them in Colorado. I also love the lines and shapes in this picture. The clouds add nice dark accents to the picture giving it more of a focus point.

Mountain Blue Birds are so beautiful. I see them often at Red Rocks Amphitheater, which is ideal because their colors show very well against a red backdrop. This picture demonstrates what is possible at dusk with a decent camera an lens. No, it's not perfect but it is still beautiful.

Once again, I do not know what the bird is and once again it is a photograph from Red Rocks. I love the detail in the bird. You can easily see individual feathers. Also, the colors are rich and deep. Finally, I like angles. Its beak points almost perpendicular to the angle of the rock.

This is a picture of the cut made in Dinosaur Ridge to let i70 through. The composition and color are what make this picture. I really like the symmetry that it slightly rotated. I also enjoy the richness of the color in both the rocks and the sky.

We have yet another photograph from Red Rocks of yet another Mountain Blue Bird. I really like the color and the detail in the picture. I'm also proud of the clarity given that it was taken in very dim light, hand-held, leaning through the bushes. While I don't care for the stick in the foreground, the pose makes up for the picture.

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